Lung Cancer in General

Introduction to Series

Lung Cancer - Is It Genetic? : Tests, Prevention

Coughing Up Blood. Could it be Lung Cancer? When to See a Doctor ?

Early warning signs of Lung Cancer | Spot Lung Cancer Early

How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed ? And what is the best tretment for it?

Stages of Lung Cancer. Survival rate & Prognosis.

Early Lung Cancer Treatment

Stage 1 Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment. Life Expectancy

Stage 2 Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment. Life Expectancy

What is the most successful treatment for lung cancer?

Role of Surgery to Treat Lung Cancer

Importance of Minimally invasive Lung Cancer Surgery

Lymph Node Dissection Under VATS for Lung Cancer Treatment

VATS vs. Open Lobectomy for lung cancer

Surgery for Lung Cancer (Thoracotomy): Pros & Cons. Risk involved

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) and robotic lung cancer surgery

Role of Pulmonary Lobectomy, wedge resection and pneumonectomy in Lung Cancer Treatment

Role of Stereotactic body radiotherapy or radio-surgery in treating lung cancer

Locally advanced – Inoperable lung cancers

What is Neoadjuvant Therapy for Lung Cancer ?

Stage 3 Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment. Life Expectancy

Lung Cancer – Radiation Therapy Treatment

What is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image-guided radiation therapy in lung cancer?

Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) Device for Lung Cancer

How many rounds of chemo do you need for lung cancer?

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Treatment

Stage 4 Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment. Life Expectancy

CART Tcell / Adoptive cell therapy with tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in treating lung cancer

Role of chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and targetted therapy to Treat Lung Cancer

Efficacy of PD-1 Inhibitors in Lung Cancer Treatment- Immunotherapy

Recent Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment and future treatments

Treatment of Resistant Lung Cancer

How to manage Lung Cancer patients in special situations? Elderly, With other medical ailments, Brain Metastasis

Recovery & Rehabilitation from Lung Cancer Treatment

Long term side effects of lung cancer treatment. All you need to know

All about Lung Cancer Remission & Recurrence

Rehabilitation after Lung Cancer Treatment

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Basic information on Breast Cancer

Main Causes of Breast Cancer among women

Tips to reduce risk of Breast cancer

Can breast cancer run in family? If so what should I do?

Who are the people at high risk for breast cancer due to their gene?

How do we test for Genetic or Hereditary breast cancer? What is the importance of the result?

Breast Cancer and Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid and about myths and facts.

How common is breast cancer in India?

How is breast cancer linked to ovarian cancer?

Large breast in men or gynecomastia: can it lead to cancer?

Can you get breast cancer while pregnant or breast feeding. How is a treatment plan given at such a time?

Do men get breast cancer ?

All About Breast Lumps

8 Early Warning Signs of breast cancer

Are All Breast Lumps Breast Cancerous?

Pain in the breast. Can it be cancer?

Can there be breast cancers without lumps?

Can benign breast lump convert into cancer?

What are fibroadenomas. Are they precancerous? Treatment options.

Is discharge of fluid from the nipple a worrisome sign of breast cancer?

Itchy nipple: is it sign of cancer?

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Tests to detect Breast Cancer early? When to start?

What is mammography? whatare the Risks of Xray mammogram as Xray is used

What is the difference between mammogram and sonomammogram?

Importance of Self examination for breast cancer to help in early detection & how is it done?

What should you do when you suspect breast cancer?

What are the tests needed when breast lump is detected?

Biopsy and Staging of Breast Cancer

What is the difference between FNAC vs Core biopsy?

Does biopsy lead to spread of breast cancer?

What are the tests done once breast cancer is diagnosed and why?

What are the stages of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Treatment Overview

Early stage breast cancer : What is it & Treatment Plan

Locally advanced breast cancer : What is it & Treatment Plan

Stage 4 breast Cancer?

Can surgery be done for stage 4 breast cancer?

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Total treatment duration of breast cancer?

Different Types of Breast Cancers & Their Treatment

What are the different types of breast cancer?

What is hormone based breast cancer?

know about TNBC-Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Relavence of Her-2-nue and herceptin in breast cancer treatmet

All about Lobular carcinoma of breast

What is Stage 0 in Breast Cancer – DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) ?

All About Surgery in Breast Cancer

All you need know about breast cancer surgery

Can we avoid surgery for breast cancer?

Breast-Conserving Surgery vs Mastectomy in treating breast cancer

What is sentinal lymphnode biopsy for breast cancer? Why is it important?

What are the most common complications of breast cancer surgery?

What is minimally invasive breast surgery?

Breast Reconstruction for Patients with Breast Cancer

Is LD flap good for breast reconstruciton?

All about onco-plastic surgery for breast cancer

Breast reconstruction for breast cancer after mastectomy: Safety, when to do, types

How do silicon implant impact breast cancer treatment outcome?

What is skin sparing mastectomy? when is the best choice?

Does breast reconstrution increase the risk of cancer recurrence?

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radition therapy after breast conservation surgery for breast cancer

Radition after removal of breast (MRM)

What are the side effects of radiation for breast cancer?

Can we avoid radioation therapy for breast cancer?

Accelerated partial breast irradiation: A quick and effective way of gving radiation in breast cancer.

Systemic therapy for Breast Cancer (Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone)

What is chemotherapy? Why is chemotherapy needed for breast cancer even after surgery?ion therapy after breast conservation surgery for breast cancer

Can I avoid chemotherpy for breast cancer?

Is breast cancer chemotherapy painful? Can I reduce the pain

What are the common side effects of chemotherapy

Hair loss due to breast cancer: what is the solution?

How many cycles of chemotherapy are needed for breast cancer?

Fever during chemotherapy: Causes and what should be done?

Are there different types or regimes of chemotherapy?

All about hormonal therapy of breast cancer

Targeted therapy for breast cancer

Immunotherapy for breast cancer

I feel tired after chemotherapy. How do I come over it?

Special Issues Among Breast Cancer Survivors

Can I get preganant after treatment of breast cancer? Is it safe?

How can I avoid swelling of hand after breast cancer surgery?

How often to visit doctor after breast cancer treatment and why?

How long can you live after breast cancer Treatment

10 tips to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence

Does breast cancer come back (recurr)? How is it treated when breast cancer recurrs?