Saṃrohaṇa – संरोहण - Saṃrohaṇa means ‘growing over’ and ‘healing’!

If there’s life, there is hope.

                             – Stephen Hawking

If there is Samrohana, there is hope to heal and to grow over.  ‘Being in Together‘ to heal and overcome cancer has been the guiding principle of Samrohana

Who We Are

Samrohana is a non-governmental not for profit organization, which is engaged in prevention and early detection of cancer. Providing care, counselling and rehabilitation to persons fighting cancer and their families with focus on helping them to navigate towards wellness through various activities is also an important aspect of our activities. 

Samrohana also counsels, guides and educates them towards healthy living through interactive approach. The intent is to raise awareness against cancer though patient education, advocacy groups, webinars, tele consultations and meetings. 

As a community initiative, Samrohana is a proactive community platform on a mission to connect, network and support patients, their caregivers, doctors and allied medical fraternity associated with cancer.

Featuring Cancer Video Series for Patient Education

Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Founders Message

Dear Friends,
It has been my long-term desire to start an organisation that would be dedicated to the care of cancer survivors beyond the merely treating then medically. Over the years of practice, I have seen the difficulties that the patients and the care givers (together called survivors) go through once cancer is diagnosed. It starts with the anxiety of diagnosis. Very often I have seen families which get affected because of the diagnosis and are in dire need of counselling. Over the years I have noted that this kind of an organised support mechanism is not available to the patients and it look from pillar to post and are unable to find the right kind of solution. At Samrohana we want to look into this aspect of survivor care.

I also noticed that there is very little support for the long term complications and side effects related to the treatment of cancer. The survivors usually don’t have any clue about the long term side effects and how to deal with those side effects. We intend to start various programs to educate the cancer survivors to deal with these problems and find solution for them whenever possible .

One of the very important goals of Samrohana is to heavily invested our time in Cancer awareness. The incidence of cancer has increased over the years and many of these cases are preventable. Also awareness about cancer will help in early diagnosis and thus give a better chance of cure for the patient. I have personally conducted many awareness sessions and this effort of mine will continue under theumbrella of Samrohana.

Though these are initial goals, overtime we would also like to give financial support to the patients in their earning age group. The earning age group is a big concern for usbecause it is an ignored by most of the organisations. But, these are individuals who are very important for the society . There are many organizations that support the children with cancer.However, there is very little empathy and financial support for those individuals in their earning age group who get cancer who could be only earning member or may have young children to take care.

We want to make a small difference to the society.

Thank you


Dr Sandeep Nayak


SAMROHANA FOUNDATION is a group that works in helping those who are diagnosed with cancer, and their caregivers to deal with the upheaval of the diagnosis and the treatment. Connecting them with other people who have undergone the same turbulence of anxiety and a sense of defeat, who have learned to manage the treatment protocol and its aftermath and also putting them in touch with a counsellor to help them with deeper issues.

Emotional support helps them understand the numerous issues that come in the wake of this diagnosis. This is done by connecting individuals with similar cancers and brings them closer to reality. When patients know that they are not alone, their anxiety reduces and compliance increases. This forum also helps in providing medically correct information, thus avoiding volumes of misinformation available.

Cancer Prevention

The incidence of cancer is increasing worldwide. Cancer is the 3rd in the list of causes of death. Fortunately many cancers can be prevented. We have made our efforts at cancer prevention and early detection of cancer by various ways including TV interviews, talks, news paper articles, etc. Below is one such talk by Dr Sandeep Nayak. You could see more on our page on cancer prevention and media.

Our Team

Celebrity speak - A Rendezvous with Ruby Ahluwalia

Caregiver Support

Caregivers of cancer patient go through enormous among of stress in the process of getting their patient treated. They need help with many things. They need help in understanding the sequence and prioritising what is to be done. Samrohana helps caregiversby understanding their difficulties and helping them cope with then by various means. When your loved one has cancer, your first priority is to help him or her make the right decisions about fighting cancer. These would include where to treat, what treatments to pursue, which integrated therapies to consider and so on. Your second priority is making the right decisions for yourself as you are very important for the entire process to be successful. Many caregivers fight so hard for their loved ones that they neglect their own well-being.

A caregiver’s responsibilities may include keeping track of appointments and medications, preparing meals, house cleaning, child care, listening, financial decisions and providing emotional support. Your loved one may need help in making many decisions regarding treatment. These are major responsibilities and as you care for your loved one, it may seem hard to find the time and energy to take care of yourself. It’s normal for a caregiver to experience stressful emotions like helplessness, guilt, grief, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and loneliness. You are not alone. Samrohana helps you to connect with other caregivers who have gone through the process and help you in cope better with the stress.

Samrohana - Core Values


Love heals. Yes, it is a master healer. Time and again, love has proved to be the best and the most natural healer.


We support cancer patients, their family member and caregivers through their journey in overcoming cancer.


We care for cancer patients through a viable support system


We are firm in our intent to help patients to win the battle against cancer in the best possible manner.


We genuinely feel, understand, relate and sympathize with the feelings and emotions of the cancer patients, caregivers and their family members


Our cancer guidance, support and medical fraternity offers help and advice through proven cancer research and advancements in treatment approach.

Samrohana’s Volunteer Initiative

Through Samrohana, you can reach out to a trained volunteer or mentor who has undergone cancer treatment and can relate to your anxiety and mental stress. Our volunteers and mentors are cancer survivors who have personally experienced cancer and hence can help you out in much better way…

Our volunteers and mentors provide all possible support during the cancer treatment which includes

  • Coping up with cancer treatment and its side effects
  • Dealing with family members and friends
  • Working during cancer treatment
  • Clearing myths and doubts related to cancer, its treatment and so on.
Reach out to Samrohana if you are/have

At a diagnostic stage for cancer

Just been detected with cancer

Thinking seriously to opt for surgical oncology procedure

Suffering from lymphedema or any other after effect of the treatment

Presently undergoing treatment or just completed treatment

Guide to Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer, whether it is you or your loved one or someone known to you does make you feel nervous and scared. Samrohana offers to guide and support the cancer journey through 

Cancer and its Diagnosis

Caregivers and Family Support

Treatment and its aftermath

Support and Tertiary Assistance


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