Helping Others Made Easy – Donate Now!

    Samrohana is an organization started by Dr Sandeep Nayak, who donates personally to the cause. The entire MACS team is involved in the process and have contributed financially and in kind to it. We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used to support  the causes run by Samrohana Cancer Foundation. We strive to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. There are no paid employee for Samrohana as of now. Samrohana, in fact, spends no money on fundraising. The administrative costs are kept to the minimum. Even our team of doctors regularly donate to Samrohana. We are dedicated to using the money in the most productive and effective way possible.

    Samrohana is involved in cancer-related activities. There are 4 categories of population that we cater to : general public, patients, family, and doctors. The needs of these three populations are as follows: You could specify and donate to a particular cause.


    The donations will be used for specified causes. Contributions made towards financially needy patient will be used for the treatment of specific patients. The eligible patients will be screened by a committee of doctors who will decide if the expenditure is justified for the given patient. Our committee will select the eligible patients based on benefit of treatment.Also, our focus is on young adult cancers, who are sole bread earners or support of the family. This is an ignored population. However, has a major social impact as the incapacitation hampers the future of the family.

    Cancer can be curable, and your donation will help people to receive preventive and affordable quality health care.  The initiatives are led, managed, and delivered by the oncologists and by their staff. By fully paying surgeries, bringing health care services from cancer specialists to patients.

    Samrohana is a80G registered organization. Donations are tax-deductible as per IT rules for Indian citizens.  We do not accept international donations as of now. You will have apply for tax deduction certificate once you make your donation.

    Yes, for income tax reasons, you will receive a charitable tax receipt which would tax deductible under 80G. You will have to apply for the receipt. We will email you the same. If you want a physical copy, please mention it.

    Yes. You will receive your tax receipt with in 15 days of your request. We are working on electronic processing. However, as all payment gateways charge a fee we are hesitant to opt for them.

    Yes!   Even little donations have a significant influence on the lives of patients who are living in extreme poverty. Larger donations have a huge impact on the patients. As of now, we can provide tax exemption certificates for cumulative donation of Rs.5,000/- per year.

    No! Samrohana appreciates your support and is committed to safeguarding your personal information. We will not share or sell your information for commercial purposes or for any other purpose that is not directly related to our activities or the purpose for which you provided the information. We also will not be contacting you for donations. The process is purely voluntary.

    Yes. You can dedicate your donation to someone special. You will receive a receipt for your donation as well as a certificate to give to a friend or loved one. We are also in the process of creating artworks, etc. as part of donation process. We are constantly looking to improve the lives of our patients and their family.

    Yes, you can use any UPI facility to make the payment. We have our QR code and ID displayed. You can scan to pay. You could also pay using net banking facility or any other means.

    Yes, you will have to write a cheque in favor of ‘Samrohana’ and mail it to our address.